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· Develop a concept of color.
· Develop a visual awareness
· Express personal artistic growth

Demonstrate proper use of materials and tools.

Language Arts

· Apply phonetic analysis and possess and basic sight vocabulary for reading.
· Use a variety of strategies to develop and expand reading, listening and speaking vocabularies. Engage in the reading process and use a variety of comprehension strategies.
· Engage in the reading process and use a variety of literature.
· Compose various pieces of writing and apply writing processes and grammar skills.

Communicate effectively through listening and speaking.

Library Sciences

· Demonstrate listening skills and library etiquette.
· Understand basic circulation procedures.
· Recognize the parts of a book and types of books.

Identify various authors and illustrators.


· Read, Write and compare numbers.
· Understand counting by patterns and multiples.
· Understand place value of ones and tens.
· Know addition and subtraction process.
· Add and subtract two-digit numbers without renaming.
· Tell time to the hour and half hour relating it to daily living.
· Identify and count a collection of coins.
· Sort, estimate, pattern, classify, graph and measure and describe objects by common characteristics.
· Verbally communicate how to find an answer.
· Understand the concepts of size, quantity and spatial relationships.
· Develop an awareness of fractions and their meanings.
· Understand the concepts of simple geometry.

Understand story problems.

Physical Education

· Demonstrate listening skills and proper behavior.
· Know and understand major body parts.
· Learn fundamental motor skills.
· Learn basic manipulative activities.

Learn the importance of physical fitness.


· Develop an awareness of matter.
· Develop an understanding of balance and motion.
· Observe plant and animal life cycles.
· Identify and describe major body parts and their functions.

Recognize the 24 hour day cycle of Earth’s axis rotation and seasonal changes.

Social Studies

· Identify people in various types of communities.
· Understand the basic concepts of economics.
· Demonstrate basic geography skills.
· Identify historical events that shaped our nations early years.

Identify celebrations and special people and important dates in history.


· Demonstrate the proper and safe use of hardware and software.
· Understand basic computer operations.
· Demonstrate the proper use of the keyboard.
· Utilize multimedia authoring and presentation tools.
· Utilize a word processing program.

Utilize the internet.

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