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Kindergarten General Studies Curriculum Overview

This simple description shares the large core objectives for each subject.  Detailed learning concepts for each of the core elements may be obtained by contacting the General Studies Principal.


· Develop a concept of color.
· Develop a visual awareness
· Express personal artistic growth

Demonstrate proper use of materials and tools.

Language Arts

· Understand and apply knowledge of sounds of the English language and the sound symbol relationship.
· Use strategies to develop and expand reading, listening, writing and speaking vocabularies.
· Listen to and understand the meaning of text.
· Develop writing skills.

Communicate effectively through listening and speaking.

Library Sciences

· Recognize library personnel and understand their function.
· Demonstrate listening skills and library etiquette.

Understand basic circulation procedures.


· Develop and use mathematical vocabulary
· Demonstrate an understanding of spatial relationships.
· Identify, compare and create sets of more, less and equal amounts.
· Sort and describe objects by common characteristics.
· Demonstrate an understanding of graphs.
· Demonstrate an understanding of two and three element patterns.
· Identify, name, and create basic shapes.
· Identify and create equal parts of a whole.
· Demonstrate and understanding of measurements.
· Demonstrate an understanding of time.
· Identify coins and their values.
· Demonstrate the ability to count.
· Demonstrate a sense of numbers, recognize and write them.
· Use tally marks correctly.

Demonstrate an understanding of simple addition and subtraction using concrete objects.

Physical Education

· Demonstrate listening skills and proper behavior.
· Know and understand major body parts.
· Learn fundamental motor skills.
· Learn basic manipulative activities.

Learn the importance of physical fitness.


· Observe weather and understand how it affects our lives.
· Develop an awareness of the earth and the solar system.
· Contribute to a healthy body and use of the five senses.

Distinguish between living and non-living things.

Social Studies

· Identify and understand the communities that make up family and friends.
· Demonstrate and understanding of the world and local community.
· Compare the past and present.

Identify American symbols and discover America’s beginnings.


· Demonstrate the proper and safe use of hardware and software.
· Understand basic computer operations.
· Identify and use a keyboard properly.

Utilize multimedia authoring and presentation tools.

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