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· Develop a concept of color and texture.
· Develop a visual awareness
· Express personal artistic growth

Demonstrate proper use of materials and tools.

Language Arts

· Use a variety of strategies to expand reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
· Understand the meaning of texts using a variety of comprehension strategies.
· Compose various pieces of writing and engage in the writing process.

Understand and communicate effectively through listening and speaking.

Library Sciences

· Check for books through computer catalog.
· Demonstrate listening skills and library etiquette.
· Understand basic circulation procedures.
· Differentiate between various types of biographies.

Identify various authors and illustrators.


· Use charts, graphs, tables, manipulatives and other resources to solve real life problems.
· Read, write and compare whole numbers through 6-digits and round 2 and 3 digit numbers to the nearest hundred.
· Tell time to the nearest minute.
· Understand renaming numerals up to 3 digits in addition and subtraction.
· Complete multiple step problems.
· Knows basic multiplication and division facts and solves equations.
· Identify measure, describe and classify solid and geometric figures.
· Use problem solving skills to solve equations.
· Read, write, illustrate and compare fractions with like denominators.

Identify, measure, and describe units of measurement.

Physical Education

· Demonstrate listening skills and proper behavior.
· Know and understand major body parts.
· Master fundamental motor skills.
· Master basic manipulative activities.
· Learn the importance of physical fitness.

Learn basic rules for individual, dual, and team activities.


· Understand the interrelationships of life forms.
· Understand the characteristics and uses of the six simple machines.
· Understand the relationships between the Earth, moon, sun, and planets.

Understand basic systems of the body.

Social Studies

 ·Compare and explain characteristics of communities.
· Identify and describe physical and human geographical information.
· Understand the values, beliefs, and attitudes of a variety of cultural groups.
· Recognize the importance of our historical heritage and events.

Recognize and explain the purpose and value of government.


· Demonstrate the proper and safe use of hardware and software.
· Understand basic computer operations.
· Demonstrate the proper use of the keyboard.
· Utilize multimedia authoring and presentation tools.
· Utilize a word processing program.
· Develop a graph using a basic spreadsheet.

Utilize the internet.

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